The Power of Low-Code and PWAs Explained

by Do iT Lean on Apr 30, 2020


Ready to meet with an expert to see if PWA is right for you? Send us an email @ and we will be happy to schedule a meeting to discuss your specific project and help you understand if PWA is right for you.

In the past year, a lot has been said about Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). By now, most of us know these are mobile-optimized apps that offer a seamless experience running on an end users' device bypassing the app store process.

PWAs have many benefits both to the business and to the user. It allows for direct installation on user's mobile device, and has offline capabilities.  At the same time PWA's shorten time to market and increases both adoption and retention of your users. Basically, these new, modern web apps reduce the gap between the web and mobile versions of a page.

Can Low-Code Development Help Get You There?

Today’s leading low-code development platform's simplify the complexity of building both web and mobile apps and many now support delivering solutions as a PWA.  These platforms shorten delivery and change cycles making them ideal for delivering solutions that need to evolve fast.  Delivering your mobile solution as a PWA can reduce change cycles down to minutes as you no longer are held hostage to app store distribution policies. 

This recent webinar is a great resource to learn more about the benefits of PWAs and how to build progressive web apps using the OutSystems low-code platform. Click here to see the speed and simplicity a leading low-code platform can provide. 

Looks Good – But What’s the Catch?

Now, that we all have a good understanding of how to take advantage of a low-code development platform like OutSystems to build a PWA here is a shortlist of things to consider before you wade into the PWA / low-code water:

  • Is PWA the right mobile architecture for your next app?
    • When should I choose PWA vs Reactive Web vs Native Mobile?
    • What limitations must I consider if I decide PWA is the way to go?
  • Is low-code the right way to build my next application?
    • Is speed to deliver the only benefit a low-code platform brings?
    • What limitations will I face with a low-code platform?
    • How can I justify the cost of low-code?
    • How hard is a low-code platform to learn?

PWA's and Low-Code: Learn from Real-World Experience

Here at Do iT Lean we were PWA early adopters using the OutSystems low-code platform.  We worked closely with the OutSystems R&D team to give our customers first access to PWAs and have delivered multiple projects where PWAs made sense. This gives us a unique perspective on the challenges you can find, the questions you will be faced with, the benefits you can expect and many other topics to take into consideration. We invite you to learn more by talking with our experts / architects about our real-world PWA experience.  

Meet with an expert to see if PWA is right for you

Send us an email @ and we will be happy to schedule a meeting to discuss your specific project and help you understand if low-code and PWA are right for you.

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