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Do iT Lean joins forces with a Singapore Service Provider to develop an App that helps to track Coronavirus symptoms

by Do iT Lean on Feb 18, 2020


With the increased number of people infected with Coronavirus, a major Security Service Provider in Singapore required a solution that could help its employees track Coronavirus symptoms on a day to day basis.

app track coronavirus symptoms

Due to the urgency of the issue, time was a critical factor. Our client launched the challenge to Do iT Lean for the development of an application that could quickly and effectively track  Coronavirus symptoms.

In a joined effort, Do iT Lean created the Health Status Reporting, a web responsive App. Using the OutSystems low-code platform this was completed in only 5 days and with just 1 developer, allowing the team to rapidly report temperature measurements and other important signs like sore throat, cough, shortness of breath so that they can be timely address.

An internal excellent initiative to help control the spread of Coronavirus and a privilege for Do iT Lean to be involved.

"Unfortunately Coronavirus continues to spread and every day we hear that more people are infected. The focus remains in Asia but it is my personal view that it is actually a global matter. And when our client shared their concern regarding employee exposure, we felt that was Do iT Lean's obligation to help. We joined all our efforts and were able to develop in a record time an App that can track Coronavirus symptoms. It's just a drop in this big ocean but still, we are very committed and driven to help the best way we know how", highlights Pedro Delgado, Do iT Lean's CTO.

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