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Cofidis Let’s Grow - What is behind a digital solution

by Do iT Lean on Jan 06, 2022

Quality App

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and application quality follows the same pattern. We believe there are a few keys to quality which cannot be overlooked or else the beholder will be disappointed.

Those keys are:

  • Meets the business objective – this is hard to measure but, in the end, if the application is adopted by the business, you have a pretty good indication of meeting this element of quality.
  • Passes the "ILITYs" test – This is a series of non-functional requirements every quality application should pass. They are scalability, performance, security, usability and maintainability.  Note, usability is a bit subjective as, in many cases, following good design principles can be misleading without fully understanding the use case which goes back to the first point. 
  • Future proof – This requires a sound architecture that is prepared to support future change which is going to happen with any application that meets the first objective as we know the business will change.

At Do iT Lean we work hard to assure all our projects are delivered with the highest quality, but some projects are put through rigorous review as part of OutSystems Quality Apps Program*.  While the Quality Apps initiative addresses the last two bullets above it is a bit more difficult to see if they pass the Meets the Business Objective test. 

Thus, we asked our customer for their feedback on this specific aspect of their Quality App. We interviewed Cláudio Pimentel, Cofidis’ CIO and here is what we learned.

Project: Let's Grow

Customer: Cofidis

Sponsor: Cláudio Pimentel, CIO at Cofidis

Industry: Financial Services

Use Case: Workspace Innovation

Country: Portugal

Cláudio Pimentel

Can you describe the importance of the Let’s Grow app to the Cofidis business?

At Cofidis, like many other companies, we are going through a transformation process with emphasis on both cultural and digital areas. The Let’s Grow app is a 360-feedback tool integrated with our employee recognition system where any employee can give feedback on another and even have an impact on their performance review. Through the application, we can gather feedback on a group of behaviors and attitudes that we believe are part of the company’s DNA. So, this app has brought big advantages as part of our transformation process as it addresses both the digital and cultural aspects of performance review at the same time. And more importantly, it has been of great value as an accelerator of the transformation process. The app is helping generate awareness about the value of feedback, facilitating sharing among employees, allowing them, in a user-friendly way, to tell others what they think about their performance and what they should improve without the need for scheduling meetings. Overall, this is clearly an app that is quickly becoming a daily asset for our employees which allows us to create a true culture of feedback and collaboration.

How was the app received by the business as it was rolled out?

The app was very well received by our employees and everyone has shown a lot of interest in using it right from the start.  It’s important to note that the app was based on the collaboration of a cross-departmental team, which by itself, helps spread awareness and support adoption. A lot of training hours were spent by managers and employees, preparing everyone for this paradigm shift. Meanwhile, there was a pilot period, where 10% of the company employees had the chance to test the application increasing the willingness of everyone else to use the app. When put into production, there was an overall satisfaction and now, after 2 months, we can confirm a wide usage and say that we are pleasantly surprised about the positive impact it has on the organization.

Hindsight is always 20:20 – what would you do differently if you could do this project over again?

If there are projects where pretty much everything went well, this was one of them.  As usual, there are always aspects to improve, however, I cannot say if I would do something different, since there is no significant aspect that would lead me to that.

* Recently OutSystems launched the new Quality Apps Program. This program is part of the company’s continuous effort to drive excellence and includes multiple reviews and assessments of a single project across various technical aspects from architecture to UX/UI and all the major ‘ilities’.

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