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Digital Signature

Reduced customer wait times


Via Verde needed to reduce the volume of printed documents and the amount of time to serve a customer when making changes to a contract. All contractual changes made in stores must be signed by Via Verde’s customer. It was necessary to print the change request form, have the customer sign it and then digitize and archive each document.


Via Verde partnered with Do iT Lean to build a Digital Signature tablet application. It was also necessary to adapt the current in-store application used at Via Verde stores to enable real-time communication with the Digital Signature application. The OutSystems platform was used to develop a native Android application to address the in-store challenge and make it easy for a customer to sign documents resulting in changes to their agreements with Via Verde. OutSystems proved its value with the ability to update the end-user application without the need to update the APK on each mobile device. In addition, OutSystems ability to incorporate external plugins (Google Firebase, and Samsung S pen SKD) were key factors in the development.


With just two developers in two months, Via Verde and Do iT Lean created the new app that eliminates the process of printing contracts for customers to sign while in the store. This has significantly reduced customer wait times. Customers can now make and review contractual changes in real-time, sign documents, and receive a copy by email. It reduces environmental waste and associated costs and the company is able to help customers more quickly.


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