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Serving a global workforce of 20,000+ employees


Headquartered in Singapore, Certis is a global integrated security organization that develops and delivers outsourced multi-disciplinary and integrated security services. With a dispersed workforce of over twenty thousand people across Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, China and the Middle East, Certis is focused on digitally transforming itself to better serve its employees while delivering great value to its customers.

Recently the company embarked on a mission to replace their legacy Certis Access portal with a new employee portal that dramatically improves performance and provides an easy to use and accessible mobile app. The new application, Allegro, brings a new, digital, way of life within Certis and is the result of re-thinking, re-inventing, and re-engineering the way the company works and interacts. It is available in both web and mobile. The mobile version is used primarily by employees outside the office and to perform the most frequent tasks.


Allegro is a strategic, omni-channel application (mobile and web) that simplifies the management of employee leave, expenses, welfare benefits and access to other important corporate information. Paramount for this application's success was a great user experience and support for a large number of end users. The Allegro solution was designed to scale and serve Certis’s global workforce of 20,000 plus employees that speak different languages and many times do not have great internet connectivity.

Allegro has been developed in partnership with Do iT Lean. With a strong team of OutSystems experts, the Do iT Lean team worked closely with the Certis team to guarantee that Allegro was launched on time and on budget.


Allegro increases the efficiency of both managers and the workforce in general. For example, it eliminates over 90% of manual approvals for leave and expenses. Now, managers can focus their time on more productive activities. In addition, employees enjoy using the new app as their requests for leave and expenses are swiftly processed.

The new app automatically processes / approves more than 90% of employees’ requests for time off and expenses saving managers hours of work on a weekly basis. Taking into consideration that Certis generates over 20,000 employee time off requests and over 30,000 expense requests on a monthly basis, the savings are quite significant.


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