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Accessibility Registry

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CSA is a 100-year-old Canadian organization focused on developing standards for safety and sustainability. It has 9000 members, 3000 standards and codes in circulation, 35,000 customers, 2000 employees, and 39 offices across 14 countries. 

“As a company, one of our offerings is to develop web applications for clients relevant to our industry. Their immediate expectation is that these apps have the Apple or Amazon experience, and the reality is that our legacy systems have been very large, monolithic and difficult to use. So, as an organization, we recognized the need to invest in the digital experience layer to sit on top of our platforms or independent of them,” explains Farukh Javed, Chief Digital Officer at CSA Group. 

Initially, CSA was thinking of partnering with creative agencies to develop this digital experience layer, but the proposals involved an effort of 6 to 10 months and required 15 to 30 different kinds of technology to work together. It was too much risk, and CSA decided to look for alternatives. The OutSystems low-code platform was one of them and was picked as the technology solution.


CSA Group selected Do iT Lean, an OutSystems Elite Partner, to develop the new user-centric app and meet an aggressive timeline and project budget. The goal was to automate the process of inspecting buildings for accessibility and recognizing those that meet or exceed existing standards, actively contributing to removing barriers and liberating the potential of people with disabilities. 

The new Accessibility Certification Registry is a web-based platform with a public listing of certified buildings and a back-office management application. The assessment findings are published in a public portal that can be viewed here.

Deployed in just 16 weeks, the app had over 1000 users registered and 800 buildings going through the whole registration process in less than 6 months.


With more and more buildings going through the assessment process, removing barriers and liberating the potential of people with disabilities is taking a leap forward. 

The new registry application ensures: 
  • Self-service registration and requests for assessment through an intuitive portal. 
  • Online assessment and automated workflow improved and accelerated the overall process and aided in certifying quality to the highest standards. 
  • Public portal promoting the buildings which have been certified in terms of accessibility.

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